Optimize your order management to reduce
time and expenses

B2B orders automation for professional cosmetics industry

Suplery is the CRM that brings suppliers and salons together.

Suplery integrates with different CRM systems of your customers. That allows clients to automatically order exactly the products needed for the next period, offer them new products and promotions, and automatically solve typical problems within ordering process.

Our digital products solve companies' problems and make life easier for thousands of people.

Уears of experience, providing a CRM system
Salons to manage their inventory, schedule, staff & marketing
From this, we discovered a need for a new product which will help to automate supplies replenishment.

Key Benefits.

Help clients to calculate their stocks
Help clients to predict usage for next period
Help clients to calculate the exact number of products to order
Solve problems with missed/wrong products in delivered order
Stay in touch with clients during delivery
Propose new products and inform clients about promotions

Key challenges.

No automated supplies ordering system in place
Purchasing process consists of door-to-door sales, Excel, email and phone communications, resulting in higher prices, unpredictable deliveries, and missing supplies
Bad customer service due to the lack of order control
No control over the salon's budget for supplies, resulting in overspending
Lack of ability to analyze and report on spend patterns to ensure maximum efficiency with key vendors

For salons

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  • Solve the stock shortage problem
  • Minimize time for choosing products
  • Find a new supplier

For suppliers

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  • Plan your production and product development
  • Optimize your logistics
  • Find new clients

Say goodbye to...

High selling costs
The complexity of managing teams of sales representatives
Low ability to respond on business challenges
Low speed of order processing